Darla D. — March 16, 2020

“This could very well be my story.  My son is just completing his treatment program thru CU ARTS program. If wanted, they come to your home and counsel you and the family twice a week for an hour and half, plus they have a bonus-based drug sobriety testing program. It has been successful for us going on 5 months of sobriety! https://www.artstreatment.com I was referred to the program by his pediatrician. I was at my wits end when I finally enrolled. I’ve been fighting this since he was 13 or 14 years old with no success and a variety of different interventions with no return on my very large investment. I was always wondering if I was going to wake up to a cold body most mornings. The fighting and the stress all of it all has been very difficult for our family. Finally getting the correct ADHD and depression diagnoses and dialing in on the right medication to help him sleep and feel better were also key.  Kudos to you for creating such an amazing resource and turning your tragedy into something that will help countless people! He is now in the teen diversion program and has a paper due on the effects of THC. I will be recommending your online curriculum as a resource to the teen diversion program administrator with the town of Parker.”

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