Elisabeth V. – October 29, 2020

My son started using cannabis in high school and usage increased a lot when he moved out and went to college. He had 4 psychotic manic episodes and ended up in the hospital 3 times. He was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder and addiction. He went to jail twice and then ended up in prison for 3 years for selling drugs. When he got out 4 years ago, we thought he would be done with pot. But I recently learned he started smoking pot here and there when he got out and started using it almost daily this spring. His excuse being that he and his wife suffered a miscarriage in March. I noticed at the end of July that he started becoming manic. It turned into a full blown mania with spending sprees and sexual promiscuity. He moved to Florida and left his wife and basically bankrupted his business. As parents we are heart broken about all this. We feel helpless; we cannot do anything unless he’s a harm to himself or others.  It started with a wrong choice and now he is mentally ill…again. He refuses to come home (Indiana). My mom gave me a recent edition of “the Epoch times,” and I read your article about Johnny. The website is wonderful and I’ve watched 2 of the podcasts. It is, by far, the most helpful and informative website that I’ve come across. Thank you.

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