The Truth About Marijuana and Lung Damage – FACT or CRAP Part 15

Is the following statement FACT or CRAP?

15. Marijuana isn’t harmful for your health.

Answer: CRAP

Marijuana smoke can cause symptoms of chronic bronchitis, a heavy cough, and lung irritation. What are marijuana’s effects on lung health

I doubt there’s anyone among us who hasn’t heard a tobacco smoker hacking away like they’re about to cough up a lung. As it turns out, marijuana smoking causes the same thing, and it can be even worse. This should be no surprise, as most smoke is toxic, exposing lung tissue to soot, tar, and a variety of harmful chemicals. It can also irritate the smoker’s airway, leading to bronchitis-like coughing that no antibiotic can cure.

For years, marijuana enthusiasts argued that marijuana was safer to smoke than tobacco. But here’s the thing: when this argument was new in the 1970s, so was marijuana for most users. They also smoked a breed with miniscule THC and carcinogen levels compared to modern marijuana products. More to the point, few marijuana users chain-smoke the way tobacco addicts do.

Modern marijuana voided this “safer than tobacco” argument forever. Nowadays, its smoke contains more of some kinds of dangerous chemicals, including benzopyrene, phenols, and vinyl chlorides, than tobacco smoke—and it deposits four times more tar in your lungs due to the way it’s smoked. Lung cancer and emphysema also lie in wait, though tumors do seem rarer in marijuana users. Finally, there’s the terrible hacking cough, yet another giveaway for vigilant parents to watch for in their teens.

Worse yet, when concentrates are inhaled, the solvents used for extraction—such as butane and propane—can’t be completely removed, so they are inhaled too. Those solvents used in extraction are even listed on the ingredients on the back of the packaging. They are literally poisonous to the brain.

Your child’s safety and health are at stake, and it requires eternal vigilance. Be alert. Listen for a hacking cough that can’t be explained by a cold or illness.

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