Frank F — November 18, 2022

The so called weed of yesterday is just as bad. I wasted my 20s smoking the stuff before I gradually phased it out of my life in my 30s as I realized I didn’t really enjoy the way the stuff made me feel. This was 30 years back when it wasn’t as strong as it is now. There are these two “big” twenty something girls in the two apartments on the second floor above me and I don’t know what they are smoking, but I smell it constantly even down the stairs. I hear bongs bubbling through the thin ceiling at 8 in the morning so I know they are both completely hooked on the stuff. It smells sort of like weed, but WAY STRONGER, and sickly sweet. Not the burnt type smell I remember you could barely detect coming from a college dorm room hallway where they had the wet towel under the door to try to prevent the smell. This must be these “dabs” that I read about here.

I was forced to go to college by high school councilor and parents, I wanted to take shop in high school but they made me go. I had no experience drinking or with drugs before college and by chance my roommate assigned to me in the dorms was a pothead. I of course made the bad decision of trying it too as I was very angry with the world for not providing me with the fun freewheeling life like the kids in the 80s teen movies lived which I felt entitled too. So anything the old folks were against, I was for. It was only occasionally the first semester, but my roommate got some local connections the second semester and soon it was a daily thing. When the year was over I went home, used to nightly use, but had no connections back home. Wow was my body physically hooked on the habit. I could not sleep well for a week, no sleep period the first night. My emotions were all out of control, I was angry, snapping at my parents, irritable. It took about 10 days for me to feel normal again so no way can any of these stoners tell me the lie that “it’s not addictive.” What? Compared to heroin? These people always put up the straw man of heroin or alcohol to compare it too. Well, yes alcohol is bad, but very few drinkers actually become like skid row bums drinking as soon as they wake up, all day long. It’s very frequent for pot users however to be using constantly. I foolishly kept messing with it through my twenties and noticed eventually my lungs and bronchia also got inflamed too, so the “it’s not as bad as tobacco” crap they say is also not true. It just had a negative affect on my ambitions and made me feel anxious and bummed out and I just lost interest in the crap as I got older thankfully but ruined my formative years.

Now these days I see all these young guys at work with these anger issues, anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts and I strongly suspect they are caused by cannabis abuse. A lot of them are “gamers” so I can imagine they are also smoking weed while playing their obsessive video games. I’ve heard talk from others that “yes, so in so is a big smoker” so am probably correct in my hunch. Furthermore, with these heavy smokers their brains become dependent on the stuff to calm down, the abuse causes their neurons to stop making the natural substances and rely on THC instead to calm down and when they don’t get their usual hit in time they are emotionally out of control. Probably a big cause of the violence epidemic. How much weed did that Uvalde guy use? These robberies gone bad? Are the thieves out of weed money and starting to go into withdrawal? The way I was just flipping out at my parents when I went home on break cold turkey makes me suspect so. Of course the media is full of potheads too so they will not want to ask these questions that should be. It’s all going to end bad.

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