How Many Different Ways Can a User Consume Marijuana?

There are four main ways users can consume marijuana: inhalation, oral, sublingual, and topical.

Inhalation is the classic means of ingesting pot, via smoking, dabbing, or vaping. Users can roll joints with flower or smoke pre-filled blunts. Or they can dab (heat) and inhale concentrated THC extracts such as shatter, wax, or crumble. Or vape THC oil with a vape pen, either manually filled or pre-filled (with reusable cartridges or disposable devices). The effects are almost immediate, as the THC goes directly into the bloodstream.

Oral consumption includes any products users eat or drink. Marijuana tea and “weed soda” are marijuana drinks, and users can add THC drops to any liquid to turn it into a pot drink. Pot can be put into anything, such as brownies, candies, and cookies. I’ve also seen popcorn, waffles, and ice cream. There are many oils, tablets, and capsules made for oral consumption. The oral high takes a bit longer to take effect than an inhalation high, so users can accidentally overdo it. The high also lasts longer and can be much stronger.

Sublingual consumption is less common, but there are tinctures, strips, and sprays that users can put under the tongue. The sublingual area has many blood vessels, so it absorbs THC easily, with reportedly an earlier onset for the high — possibly earlier than for oral products, though that jury’s still out.

Topical consumption usually involves rubbing marijuana-infused salves, creams, or lotions on the body. Users can also bathe in infused bath salts — real bath salts, not the dangerous drug with that nickname. The THC in these products penetrates the skin and doesn’t make users high, though it takes effect within minutes. Most people say they use these products for pain and inflammation relief.

The Lowdown

Keep in mind that medically FDA approved forms of marijuana derived products are NEVER SMOKED, DABBED, OR EATEN. If you need marijuana for a medically approved condition such as two rare seizure disorders, nausea from chemotherapy or anorexia wasting syndrome, see your doctor for a legitimate prescription, not a fake “pot shot” doc with a “recommendation” to buy these toxic products at a dispensary.

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