Tuesday, April 20, 2021 – Anti-420 Day Conference

Legalization of Marijuana: The Impacts in Colorado

Featured expert: Dale D. Quigley
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This presentation gives a factual look at the impact that legalization of marijuana has had in Colorado and elsewhere. After Colorado legalized marijuana for both “medical” and recreational purposes it continues to have numerous adverse consequences. Key areas that are being impacted are Public Health, Public Safety, and the creation of current policies based on out of date or incomplete information. This presentation offers the facts concerning the consequences of making marijuana legal. This is a fast-paced look at the evolving impacts that the legalization of marijuana is having not only in Colorado but other states.

Learning Objectives
Attendees will have a greater understanding of:

  • How the impacts of legal marijuana experienced in Colorado can be used as a predictive analysis tool elsewhere
  • Marijuana’s adverse impacts to public health issues
  • The implications legalized marijuana has on public safety concerns

Speaker Bio
Dale Quigley (“Quig”) is the Deputy Coordinator of the National Marijuana Initiative for the HIDTA program in the United States. He is responsible for providing information and education on issues surrounding marijuana. Prior to this role, he served at the Rocky Mountain HIDTA in Denver from 2011 – 2016 as the Manager of Intelligence and later oversaw their training program.

Quig holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and has been a peace officer in Colorado since 1979. In January 2016, he retired as a Sergeant from the Aurora Police Department. In his experience, Quig notes his most rewarding assignments have been related to drug enforcement. He has an extensive background in narcotics investigations and supervising drug units, which includes supervising a gang-oriented drug task force for the FBI. 

Recognized as a subject matter expert in several aspects of drug enforcement, he regularly speaks at regional, national, and international drug conferences on the impacts of drug usage. Additionally, he has instructed drug law at the Community College of Aurora (Colorado) and a series of drug enforcement classes for the Rocky Mountain HIDTA program.

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