Tuesday, January 11, 2022 Webinar for Teens

Stand Up for Your Greatness!

Featured expert: Ed Gerety

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In this inspirational program, Ed Gerety shares with his audience specific strategies, principals, and techniques to be resilient, embrace change, achieve goals, and step up as a leader.

The social and emotional needs of students today is more important than ever. Ed delivers a powerful message that connects with the hearts and minds of his audience. He reminds students of the importance of taking care of themselves, taking care of one another, standing up for their greatness, and for the greatness of others.

Learning Objectives
Areas of Focus in this webinar include:

  • The power of respect and responsibility
  • The impact and consequences of our choices and decisions
  • The issues of bullying and peer pressure
  • Appreciation for our abilities and the people in our life
  • The courage to believe in oneself
  • The power we have to reach out and make a difference

Speaker Bio
Ed Gerety has the unique ability to connect with his audience while inspiring them to stand up for their greatness and for the greatness of others. Ed’s authentic energy and enthusiasm gets people excited about what is possible for their life leaving them full of love and hope for the future. As an optimist with a growth mindset, Ed delivers a powerful message about gratitude, self-respect, compassion, resiliency, and kindness. He is known for reminding others that the key to building strong relationships is to let others know “I see you, you matter, and I’ve got your back.” Ed’s inspirational keynotes have been described as captivating, funny, entertaining, and relatable. He conveys his message with sincerity and a sense of humility that opens the hearts and minds of his audience. While still in college, Ed started his speaking business helping people develop as leaders and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. Since that time, he has spoken in all 50 states, across Canada and Europe reaching over three million people.  Ed is the author of “Combinations: Opening the Door to Student Leadership” and a contributing author of four books on leadership and personal development. As the podcast host of “Parents Navigating the Teen Years” Ed shares authentic conversations about the toughest issues facing teenagers today and what parents can do to help their teens navigate these challenging waters. Ed continues to do extensive study in these areas and has completed the Boston Marathon three times. He served six years on the Board of Directors for the National Speakers Association (NSA) and earned their highest earned designation; Certified Speaking Professional (CSP™) in 2005. Ed lives on the New Hampshire seacoast with his wife and two children, along with their golden retriever dog Gracie, their two cats Sugar and Coco, and one bearded dragon named Trevor.

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