Janean Q — June 3, 2021

I am so sorry. This is so similar to my son’s story except his ended in suicide. He was never hospitalized bc he was so fiercely independent that we weren’t always aware of his psychotic episodes until after the fact. He was, on some level, aware that his brain wasn’t functioning properly. Yet he thought he was “Uber smart” while high. Sadly, he had been Uber smart before he started using and after 18 months he could no longer manage his own finances or hold a job. He also dropped out after his junior year of college. He no longer trusted us to help him. He was afraid of being “institutionalized” or being placed on meds. I am a nurse and his dad is an MD and still we couldn’t help our son. Meanwhile the industry has his siblings so brainwashed that, though they don’t use, they don’t believe that MJ was truly responsible for their brother’s demise. I find myself disconnecting at times from this campaign because I know people think I am just a crazy bereaved parent. Clearly it doesn’t affect everyone the same- but for the ones that fall prey, it is the worst slippery slope. I continue to share my story with other parents who will listen. If I can prevent one family the devastation that we have experienced, I believe my son will be honored. He never intended to die by suicide. He was full of life and love and ambition. He was altruistic, intelligent and the kindest person that I have ever known.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing here, Janean. Through talking about these issues of suicide, mental illness and drug use, we can reduce stigmas. We can help others find recovery and help prevent the issues from continuing to grow. You are helping your son help others. I thank you for that and send you my wishes for peace for your family.

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