Jennifer S. — September 15, 2022

Our son Nathaniel was 26 when he shot himself in our home while we were there on August 13th 2022. We had no idea he was suicidal. It was only within that week he started not acting like himself. Tons of packages of survival stuff started arriving and he only went to work one day. He was very reliable so this was out of character. When I asked him to please tell me what was wrong he said China was going to kill us all. We later found out he had told others to prepare for attack from China and the world was going to end that next Monday. When we went through his room after his death we found an empty vaping cartridge containing a combination of THC 0, Delta 8 and Delta 10. When I shared details of that week and the strange text my son sent me that night he felt he had at least a moderate psychotic break. We sincerely believe the vaping product is responsible for that break. One week he was himself and literally next week he wasn’t.

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