Johnny’s Ambassadors National Drug & Alcohol Fact Week

During the week of March 18-24, 2024 the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) promotes National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® (NDAFW). This year, the focus is “Shatter the Myths About Drugs and Alcohol.”

MYTH: “Marijuana is safe for teens.”
MYTH “SHATTERED”: “There is NO safe amount of marijuana in the developing teen brain!”

In keeping with our mission of youth marijuana prevention, Johnny’s Ambassadors will be shining a light on what can happen in the brain of a teen who uses marijuana through a series of fun, easy-to-understand whiteboard videos for you to share. We will remind people MARIJUANA IS NEVER SAFE FOR TEENS. We will be posting these videos this entire week on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Getting involved is easy and fun! All you have to do to participate is share our posts (or post your own) to help us “SHATTER” THE MYTH THAT MARIJUANA IS HARMLESS FOR TEENS. Each day this week please post the video below to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn (or all of the above):

March 18: Age Matters
March 19: Learn about THC and CBD
March 20: How Does the Brain Develop?
March 21: What areas of your brain are impacted by THC?
March 22: Your Amygdala Helps You Avoid Harm
March 23: Three THC Choices
March 24: Wellness

We gratefully accept your donations to Johnny’s Ambassadors to help us continue to create educational resources like these.

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