Jrre T. — May 20, 2021

I love your non profit and what it does, I read the article on your site about Johnny and all it did was remind me of myself. I was born July 1999. I went to cherry creek high school. My freshman year I was trying to fit in and stole eye drops from king soopers for these kids and that’s when my curiosity all started. My friends Dad Todd Romero gave me free nuggets tickets a lot of times and one time I went to a game with 3 so called friends, I was 15, some of us were 16, the driver was 16 driving a newer Audi he got for his birthday. That day I had never smoked anything in my life, but on the way to that nuggets game, those kids decided to start dabbing while on I-25, I roll windows down and driver rolls them back up and locks them and they just get to hotboxing the car with dabs and I was forcibly high and didn’t even enjoy my time at that nuggets game. Being young and stupid knowing what they did was wrong, I forgave them because they were the kids I wanted to fit in with but fast forward to my 18th, I go to relaxed clarity and 5min into my appointment I have my Medcard and the next 2 years of my life was spent just letting my friends use me for what I had and could get and I just feel sooo compelled to message you after reading johnnysambassadors because you’re so right in everything you’ve typed. I’m now 21 and you don’t even understand how bad I wish to start over and never had smoked weed. It’s not just Dabs it’s the flower also. From 15-18 before having my medcard, it was way more easier to access wax dabs shatter, and to get flower was way more harder. It was like you had to go to aurora or the hood to find flower and I know to this day it’s still that way as my little brother goes to creek right now and tells me but anyways yeah I’m just so happy to see that there’s a conversation around this type of stuff because I felt alone. What Johnny told you at dinner is what I wish to tell my parents but our relationship is sour anyways so it’s never crossed my mind to but sorry to type so much I just am in love with your non profit and mission and wishing I could somehow get more involved because it does remind me of myself a lot except I’m still here. I’m so sorry for your loss, it’ is very complicated, I’d never say preventable because I don’t see how or a way for my parents to ever save me.. I haven’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia but I’ve been prescribed anti depressants and chose to not take them and tell myself I’m not sick.. but then after reading everything about Johnny, made me think if I might be the same. I’m sorry let me stop now but thanks again for fighting for the youth, I truly would’ve never, if I knew all information I know now.

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