Kathleen — November 7, 2021

I am so happy to have found this supportive resource. My 25 year old son, Colin, is on an involuntary psych hold after a psychotic episode brought on by excessive dabbing. He has been using marijuana excessively on and off for five years. He graduated from the University of Illinois and had his first episode/break shortly after graduating and starting his first “real” job in 2019. Since then he was doing better, working, exercising etc. and then he spiraled out of control this summer. He had his second episode and assaulted my husband badly. He said his father was the devil and he was protecting me from him. Since July 11th our world has been psychosis, paranoia, and chaos. We hired an interventionist, sent him to rehab and he left after 8 days. He couldn’t live with us due to the domestic battery charges. He left for Michigan and was in a shelter and getting high for the past two months. He got into some legal trouble there passing bad checks – he was not the mastermind but was conned- not that he shouldn’t be held accountable. We bonded him out of jail 2 weeks ago and have now hit a new bottom. We were spending the night in a hotel after we bonded him out and he asked to use our car to grab a burger – we were on the fence when he asked, “don’t you trust me”? So he took our car and took off stranding us in northern Michigan. We could track our car and asked the police to stop him and ask him to return. He gave chase, told the police to shoot and kill him, spent the night in a forest ( 30 degrees, no coat) and was eventually picked up the next day, taken to the hospital and then transferred down state, and has been on a hold. We live in Illinois and are trying to navigate a discharge plan etc. He is still in psychosis (my opinion) and I have no doubt he will get out and get high and we will be right back where we started. This was the first legal trouble he has been in – he is not suicidal but I now believe he has been in psychosis since the end of June. I appreciate having a place to share my story and to feel supported.

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