Kim B — December 6, 2021

Zachary was a sweet, active, and outgoing person. He survived ALL ( childhood leukemia) as a child. He grew up in a Christian family and school. He played competitive ice hockey for over 10 years playing defense and loved to check his competitors. Zach graduated from Christian Valor High School. He always had anxiety and then it went to depression eventually. Zach went to college at Colorado university In Boulder and then everything changed. He started in a fraternity a mother’s worst nightmare. He said marijuana helped his anxiety. This gateway drug lead to dabbing, alcohol, cocaine, and then fentanyl.

Last year he overdosed at our home. We found him in time, and he survived only to be discharged and sent home. Due to Covid, drug rehabilitation was complicated, plus he was not really ready. He was on a antidepressant and then was addicted to Xanax and self medicated with dabbing all day.

He had a very toxic relationship with his father and girlfriend. After getting kicked out of college, he came back home and hung out with some bad old friends doing drugs. We lost him January 31, 2021 to a fentanyl overdose. We unconditionally love and miss him every day. He wanted to go into real estate. The last few years his mind was delusional, anxious, severally depressed. He bought a puppy. Her name is Rosie. This brought him so joy. She is with us now, and we are happy to have her.

Marijuana and dabbing are gateway legal drugs to kids. Plus social media makes getting drugs so easy for our children!

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