Kim S. — May 20, 2021

Laura  thank you for sharing your story.  My son died by suicide May 21, 2020.  He started by smoking Marijuana then moved on to dabs.  I sent him away to rehab when he was 15 yrs old in effort to help and cure his drug addiction.  It is a long story, but basically, rehab discharged him after he was no longer in an emergent phase, and I could not pay the ridiculous amount of money they required to keep him in treatment.  When he came home, he eventually started using again. Due to his major depression/anxiety disorder and drug addiction, he had limited coping skills. One sad night he tragically chose to end his life. It will be a year this Friday. God’s comfort and peace has brought me through this far and will continue. When I saw your post about marijuana/dabs, I knew I could relate immediately.  And I also share in believing that it is God who is our comforter and healer.  He will walk with us through this difficult journey.

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