Moira M — April 4, 2022

My son took his own life as a result of Cannabis Induced Psychosis in December, 2021, with Persecutory Delusions, as he said 2 years ago ‘I am going to kill myself, before ‘they’ kill me’, and so it turned out.

He was taken to A&E after a suicide attempt, by the Police, and was allowed to ‘step outside for a cigarette’ by A&E staff, which led to his disappearance and death, the same day, I have been offered the opportunity to take a Civil Case against our Medical System, the Government run NHS, here in the UK. Before that, we are having a pre-Inquest Inquiry with the NHS as Witnesses, with the Coroner hopefully asking the question I want answered. My basic question is, he tried to take his life on an NHS Unit in a Psychiatric Hospital, and I wrote and warned both of his Psychiatrists that their non-treatment of him, would end up in Suicide, why on god’s green earth, was he not treated? Why was my call to the Crisis Team 6 days before he died, dismissed as ‘he is fine, and is discharged to his GP?’ Part of the answer is that the multiple individuals who ‘cared’ for him, had no understanding of Psychosis, and in our Country, Drug Use, is not treated, because of years of underfunding, and ‘Cannabis’ use is barely noticed.

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