Johnny’s Ambassadors works to educate parents and teens about the dangers of dabbing high-potency marijuana extracts and their impact on adolescent brain formation, mental health, and teen suicide. Our goal is to prevent any other senseless deaths like our Johnny, who died by suicide as a result of high-THC marijuana.

When Johnny’s Ambassadors has achieved appropriate funding, our first project will be to gather first-hand videos testimonials from young adults who have personally experienced psychosis, mental health issues, and/or suicide attempts as a result of high-THC marijuana products. These videos will form the basis of an 8-week curriculum for middle and high school students.


  • Educate student about today’s high-potency THC products
  • Understand what shatter and wax can do to your brain formation
  • Learn the links between high-THC products, schizophrenia, psychosis, and suicidal ideation
  • Recognize high-THC products and be ready to respond when “that friend” shows up with it at a party
  • Discover alternative coping skills through Johnny’s 5 Values of altruism, patience, conviction, enthusiasm, and gratitude
  • Provide strategies for anxiety and depression, including counseling, legitimate prescription medications, peer support, trusted adults, and exercise.

Adolescents can take the #StopDabbing Pledge to stay away from drugs and share their goals with their parents, with an optional incentive for sobriety. Concurrently, we will provide educational materials to parents about these products to explain why it’s different from the weed they grew up with, encourage conversations with their children, and provide resources for those already struggling.

If you are a school counselor, teacher, or administrator, please contact me to discuss placement of this curriculum twice weekly during access period.