Shannon D. — August 19, 2021

I want to thank Laura so much for her book, it has been so relevant and helpful to me because my son has gone through a similar experience.  I have been very naïve about the types of marijuana and THC levels, so Laura’s book was a great help to me in terms of education on marijuana, the impacts on the young adult brain, and also an incredible help to me as a parent struggling with my 19 year old who was using marijuana at what I know realize were toxic levels of THC. I agree that more needs to be done to educate parents — I was one of the parents who thought “marijuana is not addictive,” and my son just finished 28 days at a treatment center and is transitioning to another residential sober living center tomorrow.  With information from Laura’s book, I am much more informed about the impact of THC on mental health and on the brain development of young adults. I wish I had had this information 2 years ago. I agree that there is a great public mis-perception about marijuana.

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