Do You Know the Significance of 420 Day and 710 Day?

Both 420 Day and 710 Day are unofficial holidays among the cannabis-using community. 420 Day is Weed Day, and it takes place on April 20, which celebrates everything related to cannabis and cannabis use. 710 Day is Dab Day on July 10, and it encourages dabbing concentrates such as wax, shatter, and budder.

You may have heard various rumors about the origins of these pot holidays. Forget all that. The truth is remarkably juvenile, pretty much on the level of a grade-schooler referring to their bathroom functions by number.

Five stoner friends at a California high school in the 1970s met to smoke pot each day after school at 4:20 PM. So, they used “420” as a code for anything marijuana-related, usually determined by context. Such as, “Wanna smoke today?” or “Do you have any weed?” In time, one of them went on to work for the Grateful Dead, and he’s credited with passing the term to the band and their crew, which they then spread all over the country.

710 Day origins are even less complicated. An influential stoner noticed one day that, when turned upside down, the word OIL, written all in capitals, resembled 710. Since nearly all concentrates are made of hash oil, this made sense to him. And that’s all he and his friends needed to invent a holiday promoting dabbing, which made my son psychotic and ultimately caused him to kill himself, thinking the mob was after him.

And now you know to keep tabs on your teens at 4:20 PM on April 20 and 7:10 PM on July 10!

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