Sonia J. — January 26, 2021

My son was at a rehab in December after being admitted three times to a mental hospital for weed induced psychosis. Each time he was diagnosed as Bipolar and put on antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. Nobody on either side of my son’s family is bipolar. The last time he was released after 7 days at mental hospital, he came medicated on two antipsychotics and Lithium. With a few hours he was in complete psychosis. He came home and immediately started dabbing. He become psychotic, delusional, and aggressive. I had to call the police to take him back to the hospital. While he was gone I search his room too to bottom and found his collection of empty dab pens and a full pen he had on his bed. I called the hospital to inform them what I found. My sons psychosis was caused by WEED…. he’s not Bipolar. He was transferred to a rehab two days later. The counselors at the rehab did not believe did not believe his psychosis was brought on by weed. I will be sending them all the information I find in this group. My son is now sober…. no weed , no antipsychotics. He does have major depression….started taking an antidepressant last week. The depression did hit hard…. he appears to be getting over that hump. He’s home with me now… he has no desire to smoke weed. He’s more in shock to look back now that he’s living in reality instead of psychosis.

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