Sonia — October 24, 2021

Dabbing during adolescence causes brain damage that can lead mental illness, dangerous behavior and suicide.  My son started smoking weed in 9th and had his first psychotic episode soon after graduation.  Since then,  he’s been hospitalized 3 times for Cannabis induced psychosis from dabbing. He was selected in high school to receive full ride scholarship to colleges.  He chose to get a job to support his weed and drug addiction… he is now 22. Instead of sending my son off to college, we have spent the last 3 years dealing with police, jail, mental hospitals and rehab. He relapsed last month after being sober for 8 months.  He wasn’t hospitalized this time because i caught it in time, but he dabbed enough to trigger psychosis and three weeks of mania and defiance.  
Marijuana pens are so easily accessible to our children, it makes it easy to escape/ avoid hurtful emotions  by getting high in the comfort of their own bedrooms.  

High potency marijuana, dabs, vaping  was designed and marketed to target our children with the sole purpose destroying lives and families while making BIG profit!!!! The marijuana industry is 100%  EVIL.  They will stop at nothing. You will find support and encouragement here as we share personal experiences while desperately seeking answers most of the medical community is clueless about.

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