National Anti-420 Day Youth Marijuana Prevention Video Contest!

Tell other teens why they should #JustSayKNOW to marijuana!

To counter 420 Day (April 20, weed day) this year, Johnny’s Ambassadors is starting an ANTI-420 social movement around teens preventing marijuana use in other teens, encouraging them to be marijuana free and discover a natural high in life! The contest officially kicked off on 1/1/23, and the final day of submissions will be 2/28/23. Voting will commence from 3/1/23 until 4/20/23, and winners will be announced on April 21, 2023. We want to inspire as many teens as possible to participate and encourage other teens to avoid marijuana use and become the best version of themselves.

Contest Rules:

  • This contest is open to anyone in middle school, high school, or college (maximum age 22 years old).
  • Video entries will be accepted from January 1 until March 1, 2023. Limit of one video entry per person or group (pick a leader to submit).
  • You will submit your own User-Generated Content (UGC), meaning you personally created the video. You can have the help of a professional videographer or another person filming you/your group if you choose.
  • Your video should either be an educational Youth Marijuana Prevention video on why young people shouldn’t use marijuana OR a personal story of how you have been impacted by marijuana use (yourself or a loved one). Sample prevention categories may be found here. For example, you could:
    * Educate about why teens shouldn’t use marijuana
    * Explain why marijuana impacts athletic performance on a team
    * Bust a commonly-held but incorrect myth about marijuana
    * Give a fact/research about the impact of youth marijuana use
    * Tell a personal story about how you’ve been negatively impacted by marijuana use
    * Share what the cost marijuana use has been for you
    * Do a skit or drama to educate other teens why marijuana is bad for you
    * Teach a startling statistic, such as, “Did you know…?”
    * Be creative!
  • Video guidelines: no longer than 3 minutes. No swearing is allowed. If your video includes scientific facts, you should include the research citation in the description or email. You must have the rights to use any music or images. Use of copyrighted material is prohibited.
  • Please remember any content which suggests, depicts, imitates, or promotes the possession or consumption of marijuana is prohibited. NO IMITATION OF THC/MARIJUANA USE OR PARAPHERNALIA OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED IN THE VIDEO, EVEN AS A JOKE.
  • To enter, upload your video here, which will email it to Laura Stack. OR, you can follow us and post it from your TikTok or Instagram account using hashtag #JustSayKNOW and tag @johnnysambassadors. Once uploaded, email [email protected] your video link for submission verification. We upload it to the contest site and send you your video voting link!
  • This is a fundraiser for Johnny’s Ambassadors for Anti-420 Day! The video with the most money raised will win. Starting March 1, the Johnny’s Ambassadors community can VOTE on their favorite video/contestant by donating to that video on our voting site (enabled starting March 1)! The minimum vote is $5. Send your page to your friends and family to vote you up!
  • Voting will take place from March 1 until April 20. Whichever video has raised the most “votes” (donations) for Johnny’s Ambassadors will be declared the winner on April 21 and the prizes awarded. In the event of a tie, both contestants will receive the higher amount.
  • The first place winner will receive a $500 US Amazon gift card. The second place winner will receive a $125 US gift card, and the third place winner will get a $75 US gift card. Award recipients under the age of 18 will have their prize delivered to a parent’s email address.
  • No purchase is required to win. This giveaway isn’t sponsored, endorsed, or administered by or associated with TikTok, Instagram, or any other 3rd party platform. This contest is not in any way endorsed or sponsored by ByteDance Ltd. (TikTok holding company).
  • By entering the contest, you are agreeing Johnny’s Ambassadors has the right to download, post, re-post, and/or use your video anywhere without limit. It may be posted/re-posted on social media by anyone. Johnny’s Ambassadors reserves the right to reject a submission under the sole discretion of the Executive Director. Decision of the challenge organizer is final.

Thank you for helping us tell other teens why they should #JustSayKNOW to marijuana!! Please email Laura Stack with any questions at [email protected].