2nd annual Johnny’s Ambassadors #StopDabbing Walk Reaches Goal

WE DID IT!!! With 10 minutes left before midnight on the east coast, we hit our $42,000 goal for our 2nd annual Johnny’s Ambassadors #StopDabbing walk! We had 142 participants, 266 donations, 27 teams, and 46,976 social media reach! While every single person involved is to thank, I want to recognize the top ten fundraisers and teams:


  1.  Team Winker $4,200 (this is my brother, PAUL!)
  2.  Shelly Waggoner $2,675
  3.  Laura Stack $2,299
  4.  John Stack $1,605
  5.  Elizabeth Jeffries $1,570
  6.  Theresa Hoggins $1,327
  7.  Jackie Trueblood $1,175
  8.  Brian McGinty $1,000
  9.  Stephen Tweed $795
  10. Silja Shjarback $775


  1.  COLORADO Johnny’s Ambassadors Highlands Ranch $15,659
  2.  KENTUCKY TEAM $3,725
  3.  COLORADO Johnny’s Ambassadors Denver $2,675
  4.  MASSACHUSETTS  Johnny’s Ambassadors Boston Metro West $1,502
  5.  WASHINGTON Johnny’s Ambassadors Anacortes Team $1,450
  6.  INDIANA Team Bton $1,190
  7.  COLORADO Johnny’s Ambassadors Fort Collins $825
  8.  COLORADO Blue Rising Boulder $750
  9.  CALIFORNIA Glendale Area Team $733
  10. OREGON Johnny’s Ambassadors Corvallis $425


  1.  Terry and Heidi Kelly: $7500 donation
  2.  Andy Lawrence, VP of HR at SCL Health: $2500 matching gift
  3.  Shelly Waggoner: $2500 donation
  4.  Christine and Mark McMullen: $2500 donation, our sponsors from FREEWAY FORD who brought a beautiful red FORD BRONCO to Highlands Ranch!
  5.  Courtney and Brian McGinty: $1000 donation
  6.  Eileen Stack: $1000 donation
  7.  Ray and Suzanne Shealy: $1000 donation in honor of their son, Ben and TO THE TOP Ben Shealy Foundation

THANK YOU so much to our amazing volunteer team who made this all possible:

Carrie McNealy, Eddins McNealy, John Stack, Andy Lawrence, Betty Abbott, Jan Typher, Tessa Cornelia, Melanie Stack, Sheila Thompson, Meagan Stack, Andrew Martinovich, Elizabeth Orton, Peter Orton, Sam Orton, Ben Orton, Amelia Orton, and Traci Brown.

Ryan Powell-livestreamer and videographer
Tony Kovaleski and Nicole Brady-emcees from Channel 7
Dr. Karen Randall-Scientific Advisory Board member/speaker
Senator Kevin Priola, Michelle Priola, and Turin Priola-speakers
Luke Niforatos, EVP SAM-speaker
Elizabeth and Peter Orton-donated their condo for a silent auction
Jameson Charles-DJ
Laura Porter-announcements
Jane Dvorak-PR and media

And finally, thank you to YOU, all 3,000 Johnny’s Ambassadors who are helping us educate parents and teens about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicide. We are ready to roll! There is much to do. I look forward to linking arms with all of you to save all of our children from marijuana. Sending you so much love and gratitude for your support of our mission to #StopDabbing.

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