Allyx R. — March 30, 2022

February of 2021 I fell into a cannabis-induced psychosis. At the time I was 27 years old living in Florida alone in my new condo. I had began smoking in December of 2020 and slowly my close friends and family notice a change in my behavior and personality. I was manic, very hyper and doing things that were very abnormal. It took a few months before I fully went into Psychosis. For about 6 months I was having irrational thoughts and delusions. I actually hung myself over my balcony 24 stories in the air on Instagram Live. Everyone who cared about me was doing all they could and eventually I was hospitalized. At this time I was slowly coming out of the psychosis and recognized I had a lot of time missing. I “woke” out of the psychosis with tattoos and a crazy hairstyle. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Now, the hardest part is looking in the mirror and knowing that all of it was completely out of my control. I drove so many friends away because of my “crazy” behavior. People don’t understand that marijuana is classified as a hallucinogen. When I was younger I remember hallucinating from smoking and with the higher THC levels, it is only getting worse for kids. I have since returned back to work and have so much love and support for those who are really here for me. Thank you!

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