Beth C. — March 29, 2022

“Mom, I truly have no desire to use anymore.” I held my breath hearing those words come from my son’s mouth last week. A year ago our family was in turmoil because of his erratic behavior. Behavior that through this group I have learned was directly tied to his marijuana use-vaping, ingesting, who knows what else. Last summer his behavior became so bad we had to draw a hard line and told him to leave our home. He was 27 at the time, living at home because the anxiety of social isolation caused by the pandemic. 

When we kicked him out he lived in his car-homeless for just over a week. After agreeing to firm terms we allowed him back into our home temporarily. Within 2 months he had secured a job in another state- intentionally choosing a state where marijuana is not yet legal. 

Fast forward to today- he is working in a salaried position for an IT company. He has decided to complete his college education on his own and God willing will complete his degree in one year. 

I am focusing on continuing to pray for him and hoping he has truly turned the corner. I am trying hard to focus on the strengths my son has shown- and where he is now rather than the fear that still resides in my heart that he will go back to using and who he was this time last year. I share this story to encourage you to never give up on your child. The child you know and love is there. Your consistent love- with clear boundaries can make a difference.

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