Angie L – June 28, 2021

I wanted to give some parents Hope out there. A few months ago I joined this group feeling very concerned and worried about my 16-year-old son. Since joining we have turned a massive corner. He is no longer dabbing. He has returned to my happy child. And is being more respectful and grateful than ever. I feel like this crap is finally out of his system and my son has returned.

We sat him down with 6 weeks of school left and grounded him for 3 weeks. No friends at all. We told him the following:

  1. He will be drug tested everyday for 6 weeks with an adult present. After that he will be randomly tested from now on throughout college. We dated every test and all of us were amazed at how long it took to get out of his system. It was a good thing for him to see.
  2. If he does test positive we told him he will be sent immediately to an Inpatient facility for months and he will lose his car and we will remove him from his private school. He knows we are dead serious. We told him that our insurance covers it and we have already spoken to them regarding this.
  3. We got him a licensed trama counselor who is a body builder and is more like a mentor. Super amazing guy that works with him at the gym and does his counseling there. He was a gift from God. I prayed for Him. He not your average counselor.
  4. I still search his phone and room whenever I get the urge or a gut feeling.
  5. He is now limited on who he can spend the night with if at all.
  6. We talked with some of his friends and said we absolutely will not tolerate him smoking this.

We pray he continues to obey our rules. He has dramatically changed back to our sweet boy. It was very hard at first, but he finally understood we meant business and he finally complied. And here we are. No drugs and good behavior.

It took about 2 months to see a change. We were strict and followed through. With him being a minor we fully intend to let him know who’s running this show…and it’s not him. We told him that we view this as Dangerous as heroin and will not put up with it in the slightest. If he chooses to do it when we are no longer financially paying for anything that is his choice but until then he will accept our rules or suffer the consequences.

I hope this helps someone out there…we had a no tolerance policy…and we are seeing positive things now. Praying it continues.

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