Sadie – June 27, 2021

Hi Mrs. Stack,

I first wanted to say that I know it’s been a bit, but I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I went to school with Johnny since I could remember (since first grade until graduating high school). When he passed I reached out to James and asked how you all were doing, since I went to school with James as well and always loved your family. James let me know that there would be a funeral for Johnny on December 9th, which was my 20th birthday. So when I let my mom know of this situation, we discussed it quite a bit before we agreed that writing a letter to Johnny and sharing it with you later would be the best option for all of us. I want you to know that when I first found out about Johnny’s passing, I was wondering what I could do for his family first and foremost (since family was always so impactful to us from Wildcat to Rock Canyon). And that my wish on my 20th birthday was that you all would find comfort and peace in knowing how much of an impact your son had on so many lives. I just came across the letter I had been saving to send to you all, and went to your Facebook to send you this message only to find your daughter just got married. And I just know that Johnny would be so happy and proud of his family; every time I talked to him I always asked how you all were doing and he was always so ecstatic to tell me that you 4 were thriving and as happy as could be. 2 years ago I wrote this letter physically and since my handwriting is absolutely horrible, I typed it out because I want you to know how much Johnny was loved and cherished.

“Dear Johnny, You were always known to us as a little quiet, but since I can remember, I have always remembered you as a breath of fresh air. Whether it was elementary school when the little boys were all so reckless and immature, middle school when they really started becoming gross, or high school when they were still gross but now also breaking girl’s hearts, you were always the sweetest. You never started trouble, you were kind and compassionate to all, and you always kept and proved my very high opinion of you. You always joked around with me in elementary school, and every time I passed you in the halls in middle/high school you’d say hi and had a conversation with me that left me feeling loved. Most recently, I would snapchat you and ask about your adorable puppy or you’d ask me how school was going. No matter what, I always felt uplifted whenever I got to have a conversation with you. And watching the video of your memorial I know that so many people felt this way and that you were so very loved. You touched so many people, and I promise to carry on that legacy that you left for so many. So, to the boy that will always hold my highest opinion, you will forever be loved and missed.”

I know that it’s much later on, but I hope you know that I’ve wanted to send this for quite some time to let you know that your son touched so many of us. And I want to thank you and Mr. Stack for raising such an incredible friend. He will always be remembered in the highest regards. I hope you all are doing amazing and know how proud Johnny would be that you all are carrying on his positivity. 💛

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