Ann C. – September 6, 2020

When my son Brant was seventeen years old, he had a devastating experience while smoking a large quantity of THC-marijuana. It led to a sudden, major psychotic break, emergency room care, hospitalization for nearly a week, and ultimately his suicide two weeks later.

Before this experience, my son was a bright, happy, healthy, and normal teenager, but after the psychosis began, his thinking became paranoid and hopeless. He insisted to the doctors in the hospitals and to me, his mother, that the marijuana he had smoked had permanently damaged his mind and even ruined him.

The public needs to be warned that the high-THC content of today’s marijuana can cause extreme and unpredictable mental health effects in some individuals, especially in youth whose brains are still developing.

I believe that my son would still be alive today if he had never used marijuana. For more details about Brant’s tragic story,  and for the latest scientific research about the link between marijuana, psychosis and suicide, please read my new book, “Gone to Suicide.” It can be purchased through  Amazon or ordered wherever you buy your books. 

Thank you,
Ann Clark

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  1. My son Kenny James S. was a Veteran, he smoked medical marijuana due to PTSD. He was drinking as well, hearing voices, he ended up shooting himself in the head. I tried to talk to him, he just gave up. I miss him, this happened on 09/01/20. I can’t believe he is gone.

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