Joanna D. – September 11, 2020

You represent so many families, including mine, whose children  have suffered  the devastation of thc abuse. On Sept 19 we will gather to remember our sweet Joey. Gone too soon, he was barely 24 years old when he ended his struggle. My only comfort is knowing he no longer suffers. I can attest to the fact it’s not only marijuana anymore. Joey dabbed. We had no idea how serious his addiction was. When we were told  he “only” had thc in his system we were lead to believe it wasn’t anything as serious as heroin and to be grateful his drug of choice was “only pot.” It’s no wonder he couldn’t find the help he needed, the rehabs didn’t/don’t regard  marijuana as a serious drug. Professionals insisted  he  had to be doing real drugs. That “just marijuana”  doesn’t cause violent behaviors, or induce psychosis.  Or suicide. But why not? Pharmaceutical can cause these same problems,  And yet pot can’t? With potency as high as in the 90 percent. How can anyone not believe the effect this strength would have on the brain?

With legalization marching forward, and our youths at such great risk, I fear for their future.  Living in a country that would rather profit over sales then spare the lives of  innocent children being made to believe it’s “just marijuana.”

I am sorry we share such a similar story Laura. Thank you for all the work you are doing to educate, advocate, and for the lives your foundation will save. I support and applaud you.

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