Betty H. – September 6, 2020

My son found out he was going to be a dad on March 27, so he stopped “smoking weed,” dabbing, and cigarettes that very same day. Withdrawls were so bad that by Tuesday he was having hallucinations and asked me to take him to Rivervalley after-hours facility. He begged them for help, and because of COVID I had to stay in the car. The Rivervalley nurse called me on speaker with my son and talked to me she said his tox report only showed marijuana and that he didn’t present a danger to himself or to anyone else. Even though we begged she said unless there were other criteria met he would have to go home. He went home with me and that Saturday, 4 days later he took his own life. They could have helped and they chose not to. He was a 22-year-old begging for help. If he had been brought in by the police, they would have helped him. I’m so angry with the “system.”

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