Anonymous — October 12, 2022

My son in now a paranoid schizophrenic due to dabbing/using wax and marijuana since in high school. He is now 30, just diagnosed in May 2022 after a breakdown in full psychosis. He is now on psychotic meds, meds for night terrors, and multiple anxiety meds. Fortunately, he is cooperative and improving greatly since May. He will never be the same, he has 5 years college education, very intelligent, but cannot return to his previous profession due to the stress and what how that is a trigger for someone with schizophrenia. He has taken a job in the past 2 weeks that is much below his station; however, it makes him feel productive during hours when the anxiety is most evil in the afternoon hours. I want to help educate the public on the dangers related to legalization of this product. People making the decisions to legalize have no idea what is happening to the brains of the users.

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  1. My son is home just today from his first two months of freshman year of college.
    Super heavy THC vaping many times a day for a long time, maybe four years.
    He has terrifying anxiety in the afternoon hours, nausea, problems eating and swallowing if not high, talks about a darkness and depression that is like being in a trap, a dark room with no door and no hope of any light. He says that the world seems fake if he isn’t high, and everything is homogeneously “great” or normal when he’s high. He was high all day everyday until the anxiety (induced by THC), depression had become monstrous and untreatable by vaping THC and called home. Home now, just tonight. I’ll be calling programs, detox facilities in the morning. This habit was totally undetectable and easily protected by occasional lies. He says many, many kids are on the same trajectory if not already there. Every single kid in his dorm vapes nicotine. About half THC, some spiraling into a terrible anxiety and depression. I’ll also be calling the college.

    1. Hello Anonymous & Laura,

      I am so sorry to hear of both your struggles with your son’s. Both of your stories is exactly what I fear for my 19 yr old son, who started MJ use at age 13. Sadly, been heavy into dabs & high THC for the last 3 1/2 years.
      Anonymous, do you know how many years your son was dabbing w/high %’s? I’m trying to understand the correlation with # of years using high THC %’s and the conversion rate to schizophrenia. It is my worst fear.

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