Kris C. — October 21, 2021

I read your article in People Magazine and found it very relatable. Although my son is still alive it’s a “crippled” life. My son started smoking marijuana at about 14 years old. I was completely unaware. I would often ask if they had run over a skunk; I had no idea it was weed.… Read the rest

The Truth About Marijuana and Depression

By Laura Stack

In 1971, psychiatrists Harold Kolansky and William T. Moore sounded an alarm about the effects of marijuana on young people that’s eerily reminiscent of many of today’s medical studies. Their study documented the effects of the relatively weak herb marijuana of the time, which rarely exceeded 3% THC concentration—as opposed to the 15-35% strains common today, not to mention the high-potency wax, shatter, and other butane hash oils available at 90%+ THC.… Read the rest