Johnny’s Ambassadors Annual 2022 #StopDabbing Walk

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Walk with us to raise awareness in your community on the harms of youth marijuana use! Show your support to get teens to #StopDabbing!

Looking for a great way to prevent youth marijuana use? Join the Johnny’s Ambassadors annual #StopDabbing walk! Our goal is to form 100+ Johnny’s Ambassadors teams around the U.S. during Suicide Prevention month! Teams are led by affected loved ones, coalitions, community groups, or concerned individuals just like you.

You can walk with your family and friends in your own neighborhood. Or you can join a larger city team if there’s one nearby. Or start a team yourself named after your coalition, business, or a loved one. Or you can simply walk virtually and raise funds for Johnny’s Ambassadors. 

Who Are Johnny’s Ambassadors? Johnny’s Ambassadors is a non-partisan, non-profit, grass-roots alliance of individuals and organizations around the globe concerned about the harms of youth marijuana use. We are parents, coalitions, impacted family members, healthcare professionals, teachers, and nonprofits who seek to reduce youth marijuana use through education, prevention, and awareness. We use evidence-based, scientific research and experts to educate about the dangerous impacts of today’s high-THC marijuana on youth.

Why Are We Walking? We are all walking to educate parents, teens, and communities about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicide. We walk to show our passion to protect youth from the harms of marijuana!

Our Vision: To dramatically decrease the incidence of adolescent marijuana and substance abuse, mental illness, and suicide, to allow our youth to live productive, happy lives.

This event is Johnny’s Ambassadors main fundraiser for the year to cover our operational expenses! Please help us raise funds to provide online teen marijuana training to thousands of teens who may not understand the harms of marijuana to their minds and lives.

How Can You Get Involved?

1. Walk on your own and raise funds for Johnny’s Ambassadors (select register as an individual)

2. Join an existing team (or search for a team by State)

3. Form a team (select register a team)

4. Skip walk and donate

Thanks to a generous gift from Andy Lawrence, System Vice President, Enterprise Learning & Personal Development at SCL Health, the next $2500 in donations will be MATCHED by Andy! Please donate now to DOUBLE your gift!

Our fundraising goal is $72,000 (symbolic of anti-720 Day x 100 teams). We have BIG goals for Johnny’s Ambassadors headed into 2023! We are printing tens of thousands of copies of our new Youth Marijuana Prevention Magazine to distribute in middle and high schools. We are putting up billboards in select states with our new PSA anti-marijuana campaign, “Just Say KNOW™”! We are working to get thousands of teens to take our online marijuana prevention curriculum! We are speaking at high school assemblies around the U.S. about the harms of marijuana use! We need your help to keep Johnny’s Ambassadors going in 2023! If you count yourself as one of Johnny’s Ambassadors, please consider a donation to help us meet our goals.
THANK YOU for being one of Johnny’s Ambassadors and helping us educate parents and teens about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicide.

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