Gino — July 28, 2022

Firstly, I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. I cried all the way through his tribute video. What a great kid, such an incredible shame.

THC has destroyed my life too I’m afraid. I ate two edibles 6 months ago and I’ve never been the same since. Short term memory issues, dulled executive function, inability to multitask, constant indecision, and peripheral neuropathy too.

I don’t really smoke pot, once in a while at night by myself I’d take a hit or two to make tv more interesting but even that would go in phases. I was never drawn to pot and would go months and months without touching the stuff. I never did really care much for the high.

I (44m) lived in and was taking care of my fathers 4 family house while he and my step mother where in Florida for the winter. I live there too in one of the units. It was 9pm on Saturday 1/15/22. My plans for the night had fallen through so I was just home for the evening. I went next door to check on the hot water issue in the upstairs bathroom. When I found the problem was resolved I was all happy to tell Rick (the den mother so to speak) that the problem was resolved and I found him in the living room. Rick (60 yrs old) is a huge pot smoker and is always trying to get me high. He had his buddy Doug over and they had just made some THC banana bread. Normally it’s easy to say no, thank you but Doug looked so proud of what he had just baked so I said ok and he gave me a big slab of the bread and I went home.

I ate half of it. An hour and a half later I was still hungry and went and ate the other half. Biggest mistake of my life. I couldn’t taste the weed in the bread and I wasn’t high from it after an hour and a half so I just thought he did it wrong or didn’t use much pot in the making. I fell asleep shortly after not giving it a second thought.

I woke at 2am high out of my mind. I almost called 911 for an ambulance but was able to calm myself and eventually feel asleep a couple hours later. Woke up the next morning with a huge headache and the rest is history. I’ve been inpatient twice for suicidality, I can’t run my business anymore and neurologists can’t find anything wrong with me.

Sorry so long, I didn’t intend to write a book when I started out here. There are seemingly so few people who have had major issues from THC or that I just thought I’d reach out and connect.

So sorry for your loss.

All my best,

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  1. Good morning Gino

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry this happened, but I really think you will recover. I have a good friend who was A heavy hospitalized twice for CIP. The second time it took him a full year to recover. I also have a family member who required at least 6 months to recover fully each time. I pray that you will too.

    Focus on overall health, diet, exercise, etc. and keep reading to get your mind sharp. It may be frustrating if your brain is foggy but do it anyway, even just short spurts. I recommend reading scripture. Take this time to get close to God. Paul told us to “be anxious for nothing, and in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God, and He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”


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