Kris C. — October 21, 2021

I read your article in People Magazine and found it very relatable. Although my son is still alive it’s a “crippled” life. My son started smoking marijuana at about 14 years old. I was completely unaware. I would often ask if they had run over a skunk; I had no idea it was weed. My son is now 40 years old. As far as I know, he has never stopped smoking. I don’t know if he smokes the potent stuff you speak of in your article as, at least he has the courtesy, he doesn’t smoke in front of me. Marijuana has ruined his life! He has never held a job for long and has lost several great employment opportunities due to bad drug tests. He currently lives with his wife and 2 children. He hasn’t worked in 2 years; his last job lasting 1 day. He suffers from depression and anxiety and is very anti-social. I have tried for years to get him into see the doctor to get help but he won’t go anymore. I HATE it when people say “oh, it’s not addictive” or “it’s harmless”. How very wrong they are! Not sure why I wrote to you other than I totally agree with you. I now live in Oregon and believe Colorado has NOTHING on us!!! You can’t go anywhere in the state and not smell weed! Thanks for listening….Kris

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