Top Ten Teen Toking Tip-Offs Part 4

How do you know if your child is acting like a normal teenager or if you’re seeing cannabis use? Here are ten true-or-false statements covering the most likely tip-offs that your teen is using marijuana.


4.  If my teen is vomiting a lot, it can be a sign of marijuana use. 

TRUE –  Marijuana toxicity[3] is unexplained nausea and vomiting, increased blood pressure, fast heartbeat, anxiety, panic, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and extreme confusion. If your child is vomiting frequently and taking a lot of hot showers, it may be a sign of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome[4] and requires medical treatment. A teen user may also act giddy or “out of it” for no obvious reason or let personal hygiene go.

[3] “Is It Possible to ‘Overdose’ or Have a ‘Bad Reaction’ to Marijuana?” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7 Mar. 2018,

[4] Galli, Jonathan A., et al. “Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.” Current Drug Abuse Reviews vol. 4,4 (2011): 241-9. DOI: 10.2174/1874473711104040241.

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