Johnny’s Ambassadors Community has launched! Plus May Prevention Activities

Today, May 9, National Drug Prevention Day, Johnny’s Ambassadors is launching a new online marijuana education and prevention community for marijuana prevention partners to connect, communicate, and collaborate! This community will be a discussion forum for members to ask questions, discuss industry issues, share ideas, post resources, and list events.

This online forum will allow us to access history, conduct searches, find each other, and build networks. We will be able to locate others who live in our states for opportunities to give legislative testimony and media interviews. The community features a discussion forum, a library for sharing documents, resources, links, and graphics, and an event listing for upcoming meetings. You can post photos, tips, videos, resource documents, or links to articles that you have found helpful.

There is NO CHARGE to join, access, or participate in this online forum! Please register, build out your profile, and connect with others! Discussions will be searchable, and you’ll only get ONE daily email digest of all discussion threads instead of a volley of “reply all” messages. You’ll automatically be a part of our Open Forum, and you can join other communities of interest. Check out our handy “Getting Started” page to make sure you’re taking advantage of the features of this great new community platform!

Help us celebrate the 2-year anniversary of Johnny’s Ambassadors!

Help us celebrate the 2-year anniversary of Johnny’s Ambassadors with a VIRTUAL ZOOM CELEBRATION! Can you believe Johnny’s Ambassadors has been “in business” for nearly two years!? On May 12, 2020, we received a letter from the IRS we’d been granted 501c3 status! To celebrate, we’re going to have a fantastic hour of celebration on Thursday, May 12, from 6pm to 7pm mountain (8pm to 9pm eastern). Our emcee, Rob Ferre, is an entertaining speaker and game show host! We’ll have fun virtual trivia, games, and polls. You’ll see special videos from people who were important in Johnny’s life, including a secret Las Vegas entertainer. You’ll also hear from medical doctors about the harms of youth marijuana use and Johnny’s Ambassadors founder, Laura Stack. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the amazing accomplishments all of Johnny’s Ambassadors (that would be YOU) have created in the last two years.

Join us on Zoom or register to receive a meeting invitation.

It’s National Prevention Day!

Today also kicks off National Prevention Week, May 9-13! We will continue our MAY MARIJUANA PREVENTION CHALLENGE, by posting one research summary toolkit each day. You can share to your social media to encourage people to get educated about the harms of youth marijuana use! Or post our marijuana facts, marijuana mental health, or marijuana trivia (or just share from our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook).

Read the May 9, 2022 Johnny’s Ambassadors Newsletter

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