Kara — October 21, 2021

My son was a popular, good looking, smart, kind, athletic 19 year old when he came to me and said he was suicidal. I was in shock. I was devastated. He smoked pot in HS , and said it was making him paranoid and anxious. I took him to counseling, he started meditating, he quit smoking pot the next day and hasn’t done it in over 2 years. I was lucky enough that he changed his life style on his own. I thank god every day that he made that choice. I KNOW it could have been a much different outcome. He had anxiety and thought pot helped him. It was doing the complete opposite. Again, i am not against marijuana for some, but it was making my son depressed and have suicidal thoughts. I just read your article in People magazine and it really hit hole. I never understood why he had a blow torch in his room. He was also “dabbing.” I called him tonight to tell him about the article and he explained dabbing to me. I just wanted to reach out and tell you I am so sorry about your beautiful boy. I can’t imagine your pain.  I hope your story can help others. I have him tell young kids his view of how pot was making him a sad and depressed person. Lots of prayers for you and your family.

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