Kim — October 21, 2021

I’m so very sorry for your loss. My son is 26 and  went to college in Colorado 5 years ago, while in college he unknowingly tried “synthetic” marijuana one time.  This induced a lasting psychosis that he has battled ever since. He’s not addicted to any drugs nor has he tried any drugs since that horrible night that landed him in the hospital  hallucinating and convulsing for 2 solid days. The lasting psychosis has brought on depression and severe anxiety. He was a straight ” A ” student, physics grad from Colorado College and is  from a close family that is very supportive.  Marijuana ruined his life. It is the biggest sadness of my life. He fights every day to just be ok.  His dreams are shattered, he’s very suicidal. We’ve tried everything. I even took him to Mayo with no luck. Looking for help everyday.

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