Lisa B. — July 20, 2021

Yet another similar story.  Our son (20 as well) became psychotic after ingesting a 50 mg edible on his birthday (6/10) while he was also going through a dab cartridge every few days. He became increasingly paranoid and angry (180 degree turn from his usual gentle nature) to the point where he was so aggressive I had to leave my own house.  The police were no help – going away was actually their suggestion and when I tried to come back he had decided that he owned the house and paid the mortgage (when he had just quit his job the week before because he thought all his co-workers were talking behind his back). The county health department was no help because he had to be the one to ask for help and he didn’t think he had a problem.  My best resources were found at treatment centers – talking to everyone I could about what was going on and it was through that I discovered intervention.  We hired an interventionist to research a good treatment facility for him and went through the intervention process – it wasn’t a smooth path, he ended up leaving the treatment facility the first night but fortunately because he was so disoriented in a new town he was hospitalized the next day on a 3 day psychiatric hold, followed by a 14 day hold where he is now.  Progress on the meds is slow but we know he’s safe and we have a 45 day treatment facility lined up for him after.  This time I hope he stays.

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