Lisa — July 5, 2022

In pain currently, dealing with 16 year old son not listening to anything that I tell him. He was hospitalized at the end of October into November after weeks of extreme paranoia and persecutory delusions. It got so scary that he was seeing morphing faces and he couldn’t understand basic language spoken to him.  Diagnosis was cannabis  induced psychosis.  He was vomiting regularly for a while before but I had no idea he was poisoning himself with high potency THC. He thought people were trying to kill him and he was absolutely terrified.  It was so horrible to watch him suffer. My heart is really broken that after the antipsychotic meds, time in the psychiatric hospital, and months of suffering with severe depression and after all of that, that he would actually quit therapy cold turkey and return to heavy marijuana use. I’m living in absolute fear every day of how this story will end. I’m praying constantly begging God to help me raise this child. On top of all else He is also Type 1 Diabetic and doesn’t take care of himself Bc he’s using marijuana.

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  1. So sorry Lisa, I’ve been through exactly the same with a family member. 13 Baker Acts, 3 suicide attempts, one arrest for assault, 2 restraining orders, 1 jail sentence, 1 stay at the State Psychiatric Hospital, all in the last 3 years and still does not understand that the marijuana caused it all! Still believes that it helps!!! So my family member continues on the path of destruction.
    So my advice is to get an attorney and try to get a judge to force rehab. You can do this when they are minors but it’s much harder once he’s 18. There are a few rehab facilities that understand and treat CIP, but very few, and they are very expensive. Because he is a minor you may not even require an attorney or judge, you may be able to forcibly enroll him.

    Also, talk to a fellow named Mark Gregston of Heartlight Ministries in Texas. Your son needs to go stay at his ranch for a year. I’m serious. He and his wife have an amazing fantastic ministry for troubled teens. Most who have alcohol and drug problems. You have to stop this before he’s 18. Call Mark!

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