Mary Lost Jesus

This Christmas, our 1st without Johnny, I’m thinking of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought Jesus into this world today. Oh, how she loved him, smiled at him, cared for him, and took pride in him. Then the day came for him to depart this world and join His Father in heaven, and he left her. How sorrowful she must have felt to lose her son.

I recalled this photo I took last June in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome of Michelangelo’s Pietà (meaning pity or compassion) statue of Mary holding Jesus’ body. I noticed Mary’s thoughtful look of acceptance and tranquility, rather than devastation and grief. She was so brave, I thought to myself, because she knew Jesus would have eternal life in heaven, and she would be with him again.

I’m struggling to be such a model of grace as Mary after my son left this earth and joined the Lord.

Jesus, thank you for coming to the earth as a little baby at Christmas, and thank you for dying for our sins, so that we might also have eternal life. As Mary held you, please wrap Johnny in your embrace today and tell him I love him. Holy Spirit, please wrap your arms around me, John, Meagan, James, our family and Johnny’s friends and give us compassion and peace. Amen.

I choose to be brave, because I know the day will come when I will hold Johnny in my arms again. And there is still so much joy left on this earth.

Merry Christmas. The Lord has come. We love you all.

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