Michelle P — July 14, 2021

Our son began using high potency THC products at the age of 14, during his freshman year of high school at a friend’s house.  He quickly spiraled out of control… he got in trouble at school and was expelled.  He lost many friends and ended up dropping out of high school by his junior year.  We ended up asking him to leave the family home because he was defiant, depressed, occasionally violent and unpredictable. We had to install locks on our bedroom and office doors to keep our possessions safe and to sleep well at night.  His addiction lasted for over 4 years… he just turned 19 and spent his birthday at The Foundry.  He was there for over 6 weeks. He returns home in a couple of days and we feel that we have our son back.  He will continue out-patient therapy for some time and we know that his journey is far from over… but we have hope again.  The pit in my stomach and my shattered heart are beginning to heal.  I feel that other adults really need to understand what is at stake!  I would love to help in any way that you need.

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