Susan W — June 12, 2021

When our son was in psychosis he would stop using THC but when he would recover he would go back to it. It’s taken 4 years of constantly standing with him through this and encouraging him to remain on his medications and refrain from THC. We have continued to tell him our home is his and it’s always open to him. At this time he is what we would say recovered – has a job, works out and is drug free and medication compliant. He continues to live with us for the support he needs so he can heal. We can see his brain continuing to heal from the damage high concentrate THC has caused. We are not sure if he will ever be the same son we once knew, but we see signs of recovery and our hearts will never stop hoping and loving him. We have had seasons of recovery and almost wellness and then a switch flips inside him and he turns back to THC and it’s a new season of hard work and prayers-and continuous supervision and support. We have worked from home to be there with him and had extended family stay too over the past 4 years while in psychosis. I’ve had many moments of crying so hard I couldn’t catch my breath and felt like we couldn’t go on anymore like this. This has been a long and hard journey. I wish I had known so much of this when our son first became ill. From the ER doctor who had no clue to the last psychologist we saw. We must educate and inform the public! We are down to 20 mg of Geodon in the mornings and he just went from 40 at night to 20. We are praying he doesn’t have any symptoms resurface. Right now he is working – his second week of full time work. We aren’t sure he can handle going back to school just now. One step at a time but for now he’s making progress and we pray and hope.

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