Top Ten Teen Toking Tip-Offs Part 1

How do you know if your child is acting like a normal teenager or if you’re seeing cannabis use? Here are ten true-or-false statements covering the most likely tip-offs that your teen is using marijuana.


1.  If my teen used marijuana, I’d be able to smell it.

FALSE – While smoked marijuana has a distinctive, skunky smell, vaped marijuana,[1] whether in oil or solid form, often has little or no smell. You won’t be able to smell it on your teen’s breath and clothes, and the vapors can easily dissipate in a well-ventilated place. Teens can use a “sploof,” which is a handmade filter made from a cardboard tube and a dryer sheet. A room deodorizer or incense can also effectively mask the smell of marijuana. Or, your teen may wear more perfume or cologne than normal.

[1] “Vaping and Marijuana: What You Need to Know.” Partnership to End Addiction, May 2020,

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