Driving While Stoned

By Laura Stack
With thanks to Ed Wood for his input on this article

Driving while high on marijuana is a serious problem among American youths; legalization of marijuana makes it worse and more difficult to police. Curiously, there’s no gender gap involved, as there often is with other aspects of drug use; as of 2017, about the same number of boys and girls comprise the roughly 13% of teens who admitted to driving stoned in the past month.… Read the rest

The Rise of Big Marijuana: Lessons Learned from Big Tobacco, Part I

By Laura Stack

It’s been over a century since some savvy businessmen took tobacco out of the hands of roll-your-own, everyday joes and started producing cheap cigarettes in bulk. Aside from making the product affordable to almost anyone, their most profitable innovation lay in using milder and better-cured tobacco with smoke that was more palatable and easier to inhale deeply.… Read the rest

Is Marijuana Medicine?

By Laura Stack

Teens may have heard incorrectly that marijuana can help them get over negative things happening their lives. Some people claim cannabis is a miracle drug, with few negative effects; however, their claims are mostly wishful thinking and marketing tactics to get a new generation addicted to their products.… Read the rest