Calling all Youth Leadership Councils! Prevention Clubs! Student Councils! Community Coalitions Youth Leaders! Join Johnny’s TAG Team!

TEENS, how would you like to become a peer-to-peer educator to prevent youth THC use? Join Johnny’s TAG (Teen Ambassador Group) Team and become a trained advocate and mentor in your school or community!

TAG, you’re it!

Johnny’s Ambassadors Youth THC Prevention, a nonprofit based in south Denver, CO, is seeking teens from student leadership councils, school prevention clubs, and community coalitions. Teen Ambassadors will be sharing the possible harms of youth THC use with other teens. Please help us spread the word!

What can TAG Teams do? Here are just some examples! Get trained in our age-appropriate curriculum (middle and high school versions) to prevent teen THC use (vaping, dabbing, edibles, and smoking). You’ll be provided with a PowerPoint presentation and notes on exactly what to say! You can customize the talks to 15, 30, or 45 minutes as needed. TAG Teams can give talks in health class, PE, biology, substance prevention classes, or in the community. High school TAG teams can visit middle school health classes to give their talks. Go into classrooms and play our “FACT or CRAP” THC educational Gameshow! Host a school assembly, where you present some content, and then students go out on a scavenger hunt to find the posters you will place around campus. We have a platform to help you hold the scavenger hunt, with a competition between classes, and the class that uploads the most photos wins! Print and hang posters around school to educate your peers. Post graphics on your school’s social media channels or share posts from our Instagram. Host a watch party in the auditorium as a parent or community night and show one of our educational videos. If your club or coalition has funding, you can order copies of the book, The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: Johnny Stack’s Life and Death Story, for distribution at events. Or you can host a book club to read with your peers. Give out copies of our prevention magazine at a table during lunch hour or print individual sheets to hand out at community events. Meet with Johnny’s Ambassadors TAG TEAMs across the U.S. periodically to give us occasional input on creating educational materials. Film videos to post on social media, and Johnny’s Ambassadors can boost your videos with advertising. Wear our gear around school to get your peers to ask about Johnny’s Ambassadors. There is NO COST to participate in this program!

Every TAG Team will need an adult sponsor, who will register and oversee your team. Sponsors will download and distribute the materials to their teams and practice the talk with you. Your TAG Team will watch a train-the-trainer video of Laura teaching the PowerPoint and then practice your presentation. Johnny’s Ambassadors has received a grant to pay adult sponsors a $250 stipend when the team first delivers a training to use as they wish. Just send a photo of the teens at the event. That’s it!
So, grab your friends and an adult sponsor and get started!

The adult sponsor (not a teen, please) should register your TAG Team. Starting May 1, adult sponsors will be registered in our platform to download the materials (they are too large to email), which will be shared with the TAG Team. Make your plans now for fall 2024 season to give your first talk!

Laura Stack will be hosting an informational session for adult sponsors and teens who are interested in joining on Monday, April 22, from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM mountain/7:30 PM to 8:30 PM eastern (to make sure everyone is out of class). If you’d like to receive a meeting invitation, email [email protected]. If you register for a TAG team, you will also be added to the meeting invitation. The session will be recorded for those who are unable to attend in person.

Email Laura Stack at [email protected] for more information or questions!

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