Please Help Johnny’s Ambassadors with Our Anti-420 Efforts!

Hello, Johnny’s Ambassadors! Did you know in a few weeks, teens and young adults around the world will celebrate 420 DAY? Do you know what 420 Day is and why it’s meaningful in marijuana culture? And more importantly, do you know where your teen will be at 4:20 PM on Tuesday, April 20? 420 DAY is International Marijuana Day, which originated in 1971 and is held annually on April 20. You can read about its origins here.
While Johnny’s Ambassadors welcomes donations throughout the year, we have two major fundraisers—one for 420 Day and one for our #StopDabbing walk this fall (Sunday, September 19). This year, with your kind donation, you’ll receive complimentary attendance to our Anti-420 Day Youth Marijuana Prevention Virtual Conference on Tuesday, April 20. We will record all the sessions, so you can watch them on your own time.
If you wrinkled your brow in confusion and thought, “What? I’ve never heard of 420 Day, and why does that matter to me? I’m 50 years old and don’t smoke marijuana.” The point is that EVERYONE under the age of 25 knows what 420 Day is, and many parents are in the dark. I was in the dark. I wish someone would have told me what 420 Day was. My son, Johnny, died by suicide in November 2019 from delusion and paranoid schizophrenia caused by dabbing high-THC marijuana concentrates. You can read about Johnny’s story here.
Your teens are happy that you don’t know what it is. If you’re a parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle or have adolescents in your life, you need to understand what this holiday is, so you can discuss it with them intelligently when you hear the term. We must all pull our heads out of the sand and understand what marijuana is doing to the development of our children’s brains! This isn’t a “drug culture” or “pro-pot” industry term. Your teen will have “that friend” who shows up with dabs at a party someday soon, and you’ll need to prepare them on how to respond.
Johnny’s Ambassadors is passionate about educating parents and teens about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicide. Our goal is to prevent any other senseless deaths like our son Johnny and decrease youth marijuana use. Your kind donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 (or symbolically $42 or $420) will help increase awareness of 420 Day and continue our mission this year. Please help us save our youth from the harms of marijuana with a donation today. Thank you!

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