Top Ten Teen Toking Tip-Offs Part 2

How do you know if your child is acting like a normal teenager or if you’re seeing cannabis use? Here are ten true-or-false statements covering the most likely tip-offs that your teen is using marijuana.


2.  My teen often has red, bloodshot eyes and uses eye drops frequently, which could indicate marijuana use.  … Read the rest

How I Survived the Death of My Son

By Laura Stack

I survived it. The worst day of my life was November 21, 2019 at 1:03 AM, when the coroner told my husband and me our son had died by suicide a few hours ago, on November 20. In the immediate days following, I alternated between screaming, sobbing, and being unable to talk to anyone other than my immediate family.… Read the rest

Our Allies in the Fight Against Marijuana

If you’re a regular visitor to Johnny’s Ambassadors blog, you no doubt know Johnny’s story, and the stimulus for my fight against marijuana use by young people. For those who may read this in other venues and don’t know me, I’m a concerned, grieving mother, who is active in the movement to discourage young people from using marijuana in any form until their brains are formed—and hopefully never.… Read the rest

Johnny’s Five Values: Part IV, Enthusiasm!

By Laura Stack

Continuing our series on Johnny’s most important values, he listed his fourth value as Enthusiasm. It probably won’t surprise you to learn it’s one of my personal values as well. I make much of my living as a professional speaker on the topics of productivity and time management, and without enthusiasm, I couldn’t do my job well.… Read the rest